The Best Space for Your Ads


 As time goes on: In 2012, Google called its ads intelligent, "only" because they could automatically adapt to the display of the particular device used. Against the new AdSense Auto Ads, which were released in February 2018 for all users of the service, the old models are now no longer like the very brightest candle on the candlestick. An algorithm finds the best placement The new form of ad delivery relies on artificial intelligence. With the help of machine learning, the algorithms should not only be able to find out which ads are performing well and when - otherwise they will not be played out at all. The AdSense Auto Ads are also placed where they promise the greatest success. This can sometimes be in very different places than those where publishers have built their ads so far.


The old ones can either replace them or run them in parallel. In the latter case, the software takes them into account and includes them in their calculations. In any case, the algorithms are constantly learning, both in terms of general ad serving and in terms of their own page. This should be achieved over time, always better results. Only one code - and the AdSense Auto Ads are permanently active Prmimum Ad himachalontips.com is an ad network that helps advertisers place their content on over 1500premium publisher sites.We deliver ad solutions to make your websites and campaigns more valuable.